Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Magic Tree House: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

                                      Magic Tree House: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
  This Magic Tree House book is the first one ever made. Jack and Anne are brother and sister and they live in FrogCcreek! They walk into the forest of frog creek and find a tree house! They go up the rope latter too see what was up in the tree house. Jack finds a big pile of books and Anne finds books about different places. Jack opens one of the books and the tree house starts spinning around and around and they come to a stop. Anne looks out the window, "Jack, I think we are in dino land.''
Jack looks out the window and sees that there are a lot of different dinosaurs out in the wide plains. They kept trying all the books in the tree house and they found no books on how to get back home.

       I naturally think that this book is good for the 1st- 2nd graders would love these books. I loved them when I was in 1st grade. I also liked reading them before bed to get my creativeness flowing.
       I, Layne, think this book gets a ... 5!!! This book is so AWESOME too read that it had to get a 5. It was a book you could pull out and dig into.

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