Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meet Layne, Blog Contributer

Name: Layne

Favorite Color(s): Blue, Black,Orange

Interests: Draw, Swim, Play Basketball, Watch TV

Favorite Movie: Megamind

Favorite Animals: Dolphin, horse, cheetah, dog

Favorite  Artist: Selena Gomaz

Favorite Genre: Fantasy

Favorite Book: Mrs.Piggle-Wiggle's farm

Favorite Author: Peg Kehret

Favorite Quote:"The reward of a thing being done is to have done it" -Ralph Waldo Emerson

How long have I loved reading?
          3 years

Why did I want to be a part of the book blog?
                 Because reading is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Random Question:
 Would you rather jump in a pool of Jello or Marshmellows? Why?
  Jello, because then I could bounce as high as a 500,000,000,000 ft skyscraper.

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